ANOTHER PORTGAS D. (A MAN WE ALL KNOW!) by Celestial D. Dragon


Now when this chapter was originally released, it was shortly after Ace’s death, so we the fans dismissed it as this member of the Gorosei was just refering to Ace. But now that I have looked at the image again, and thought about it, why would they refer to Ace as Portgas at this point, after the Big reveal that Ace’s true name was Gol D. Ace. Another thing that struck me as odd, is the fact that he is saying it in such a way, that the name Portgas D. has been kept out of the spotlight, but now has gained to much attention, because of Ace’s execution. This got me thinking, is it possible that there is another Portgas D. out there, and if so, hr must be a Big Name pirate, if the Gorosei had been trying to keep the name Portgas, and the identity of another D. a secret.

Now obviously the most infamous D. to date, and the biggest thorn in the Government’s side, was Gol. D Roger. And not only was Roger himself a D, but the woman he fell in love with an had a child with, was also a D. This got me thinking again, could it be possible that Rouge had a younger brother? Somebody that Roger had met when he first visited the Island, somebody that he inspired to become a Pirate, somebody that he would eventually give his Straw Hat to? If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am, in fact, talking about a man I would like to call Portgas D. Shanks.

So now the gears really started turning, and realized something. Why did Shanks spend an entire year in Foosha village in the first place? What was it that even brought him to the island? How about the fact that he had a Nephew? And it was at this point that history repeated itself. Shanks visited Foosha village in order to check up on his Nephew, and met and fell in love with Makino. During that time, he meets a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy, and inspires him to become a pirate, and even gives him his Straw Hat. Years later, Shank returns to Foosha village, and has a child with Makino. So lets recap up till now.

Gol D. Roger visits Baterilla, meets and falls in love with a woman named Portgas D. Rouge. During that time, he inspires her little brother Portgas D. Shanks to want to become a pirate, and takes him on his Ship as an apprentice. Years later, Roger returns to Baterilla and has a child with Shanks sister

Shanks visits Foosha village and falls in love with Makino. During his visit there, he inspires Monkey D. Luffy (who is like a little brother to Makino) to want to become a pirate. He give Luffy the same Straw Hat that Roger gave to him, so many years ago and tells him to one day bring it back to him. Many years later, Shanks returns to Foosha village and has a child with Makino.

There is also a couple other little things I wanted to touch upon. For instance, why was Shanks so adamant about having Whitebeard stop Ace from going after Blackbeard? And don’t say it was for Luffy’s sake, because that doesn’t make any sense. Shanks is a pirate, and he wanted Luffy to grow stronger. He was showing genuine concern for Ace’s well being. One can argue it was because Ace was Rogers son, but at the same time, the concern Shanks was showing, was even stronger than Whitebeard’s. Whitebeard’s refusal, actually prompted Shanks to exchange blows with him.

The second point is the fact that Shanks actually went to Marineford to put an end to the war. Unfortunately he was to late, and showed up after Ace had already been killed, due to the fact that he was stopping Kaido from launching a sneak attack against Whitebeard, that would have guaranteed Ace’s death, had Kaido succeeded.

And the last little tibit I wanted to point out, which isn’t major, but is still quite a coincidence, is that Shanks epitaph is “RED” Hair Shanks, and in French Rouge means the Color Red. So there you guys have it, I believe that Shanks true name, is Portgas D. Shanks, and he is in fact, the younger brother of Portgas D. Rouge, and uncle to Portgas D. Ace.

Editing the rest of the things I posted into my first post…

Couple other thing’s I wanted to add to theory :D

Shanks had another major reason to keep the fact that he was a Portgas a secret. If the Government knew that Shanks was a Portgas, they would have have made the connection between Roger and Rouge immediately, because Shanks was on Rogers crew. He could have been giving Ace a chance to choose his own path in life. If Ace knew that Shanks was also a Portgas, it would mean that no matter what, Ace would be unable to escape his connection to Roger.

Shanks and the Gorosei could made a deal, that he would keep the fact that he was a D. a secret in exchange for Ace to have a chance to grow up and choose his own path in life.

Also remember during Marineford when Shanks asked to take care of the bodies for Ace and Whitebeard, and the Marines claimed that it was their right as the victors in war to cut off their heads and display it for the world, but Sengoku’s response was “Only because it’s you Shanks, I’ll allow it” Which leads me to believe that he had a reason for allowing Shanks to take their bodies, especially Aces.

Time to add a little bit more to the theory, which I wanted to do a few weeks ago, but completely forgot. There is one other thing that is interesting to note about Portgas D. Rouge, and that is the fact that her hair color is described as “Strawberry Blonde” which many people know, that that hair color is “Redish-Blonde”. I’m trying to go through my mind as to how many characters even have red hair within the series, and I can only recall about 5 people. Shanks, Calgara, Kidd, Bastille, and Portgas D. Rouge. It seems a little bit of a perfect coincidence, that two people directly affiliated with Roger has red hair, consider the rarity of Red Haired characters within One Piece. Anyways, just wanted to add that little tibit of information to the theory.

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  1. This is a good theory, just one thing.

    On Shanks-Whitebeard meeting, WB mentioned that the sake Shanks gave to him was from West Blue, and Shanks added that its from his hometown. And Baterilla is in South Blue, so that part can’t match, but the theory can still stand since Rogue just stayed in Baterilla while she’s pregnant with Ace. Which doesn’t specifically state that Rogue’s hometown is Baterilla.

  2. then why whitebeard always saying that theres so many times his been battle with the brats like shanks and buggy. if shanks join the pirate king crew after he have a baby with rouge? I think after roger conquered the grandline he disbanned the crew and roger went to baterilla. shanks also go to different path. maybe shanks is also a ordinary kid before he join the pirate crew and developed his power when he was on the pirate king ship. like roger and rayliegh. he saw silver Rayleigh coincidence and told him he wants to turn the world upside and down.

    • He don’t say that shanks join roger after Roger had a son. He say
      1.Roger meet Rouge and her brother, he took the little brother with him.
      2. After becoming Pirate King, he come bakc to his lover and have a son (Ace)

      the only thing that don’t match is that Shanks said something that can make us think he come from west blue.

  3. Nice one there mate!! I think that ” the last little tibit which isn’t that major” is the one that is the most interesting in your theory. I don’t think that Oda chooses the characters names randomly, so yes i’d like to believe that you are absolutely right about Portgas D Rogue and Shanks .

    • That has never been revealed, right?
      And when don’t you mean LeRoux I believe thats a surname in French and it means something like “red-haired” or “red-skinned” so it could be a variation of the name Rouge

      • Yes, it actually means “red-haired”. It’s a simple translation and his name has yet to be revealed.

  4. How about their first meet? I mean when Ace firstly come to thank Shank for inspiring luffy to become a pirate? Looks like shank gonna kill ace just before ace says that he was luffys brother. Why?

  5. this is an interesting theory, but in my opinion, the Portgas the man is mentioning is Portgas D. Rouge herself, because she was the one who dares to bear the child of the pirate king and the goverment spent a lot of time and effords trying to find her and the child and that was a big deal at that time

  6. nice theory man,but would t ace be happy if he knew shanks was his uncle?because ace was happy his mother side,,

  7. u wrote, “Shanks visited Foosha village in order to check up on his Nephew, and met and fell in love with Makino. During that time, he meets a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy, and inspires him to become a pirate, and even gives him his Straw Hat.”
    but ace never lived in Foosha village…..this is only luffy’s hometown….. then Garp moved luffy to Dadan’s place(luffy was already motivated by Shamks)….there he met Ace
    over all this is a thrilling theory……

  8. And what is whit Buggy’s word when he said that Silver Rayliegh is Luffy’s uncle. Have you ever written anything about it. When yes, please send me a link 😀

  9. i like you guys for writing such a brilliant theory…really !

    But i don’t understand how much these theories get weirder.

    Yeah , first of all have you guys forgot that ace and shanks met each other and shanks just touches his sword and says , “what does the super rookie want here ?”….You guys might be saying again that shanks might be acting infront of ace……or his own crewmates…….that’s a possibility too…..but i dont think that’s the case….

    All that shanks cares for is ace ,after he came to know that ace is roger’s son…. he cant let his captain son die no matter what . That’s how much love he has on roger.We don’t know exactly when the government or shanks came to know about ace’s bio data…..but i dont think that garp would have told them…..

    And when gorosei mentioned portagas D. …i am 100% sure that they are referring to ace and it doesnt have some uncovered mystery.

    NO One in one piece ace as Gol D ace not even once so you guys dont have to think like that just this once right….
    Finally what i wanted to say is..your theory really sounds superb !! But then one piece just becomes some kind of family relationship and all…..I dont want one piece to become like that…..

    Just imagine the love shanks would have had on ace when he knew that ace is roger’s son…Man even i cant imagine in my wilder dreams of how shanks would have felt…..Of he would love more if ace really is his nephew …but i would like to think the other way…which feels a lot more refreshing….

    But the D’s link is definitely true…..i:e luffy’s mother is definitely some one from that lineage.Because that’s what i believe..

  10. good i dont also want that one piece become a family story..but it is really a good theory…

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