One Piece Manga vs Anime: The Beginning


In the world of “One Piece” there are two kinds of people: pirates and everyone else. In the world that contains the world of “One Piece,” (this world, for those keeping track), there are also two kinds of people: “One Piece” people and everyone else. These are two very different kinds of people. The “One Piece” series, authored by Eiichiro Oda, … Continue reading

Episode #634

One Piece has moved forward slowly but surely with this arc and it’s had its fun, especially in the previous episode as we got time with Luffy getting all armored up so he can fight in the gladiator matches. I really liked that they came back to something about Ace after having little to nothing said for so long, which … Continue reading

Episode #633

One Piece had a whole lot of interesting small moments in the last episode, though the one that really drew me in was watching Sanji getting taken in by the dancing woman who wants him to help her with a problem. That in itself is fairly straightforward, but I really liked the way the whole thing was animated, that it … Continue reading

Episode #632

The Dressrosa arc has kicked off pretty much as expected and we got some decent pieces so far as the Straw Hats head off to explore the island a bit while getting ready to deal the trade that they have with Caesar. We spent a bit more time with the blind man the last time around than I cared for, … Continue reading

Episode #631

One Piece kicked of the Dressrosa arc in a pretty predictable manner previously, but it did it well to be sure. We got the usual split that comes in how the team goes in different directions while getting a feel for the island, which sets the potential for different stories to take place that will come back together later on. … Continue reading

Episode #630

One Piece spent a good part of its previous episode in setting up a lot of the larger drama ahead by showing us how the world has found out about some of what they’ve gone and done. There were some great nods to past places they’ve visited and people the Straw Hats have met and the impact they made, which … Continue reading