I would advise against reading this thread if you haven’t read the most recent chapter
Anyway, in the most recent chapter we see a little mentioning that those “from the D tribe” are gods natural enemy.

Now, in light of the assumption that Oda isn’t referring to an actual god and this is just a superficial use of the word. It is possible that our man here was referring to the Tenryubito (World Nobles) who have a hold on the World Government? You could even say that the ideals and plans behind those of the WG are strongly influenced by our World Nobles here.

Given that, what if all those from the D tribe have a natural tendency to leave/betray the Marines/World Government (The World Nobles) because of the way they are as a D? What if this righteous state of mind with a strong will to live life as a free human is the biggest enemy of all to the suppressive World Nobles? We have already seen Garp leave the Marines, Smoker/Aokiji have their own way of doing things (I know they aren’t confirmed D’s).

This is just me rambling on here but I feel that it fits, it at least is similar to the ideology of Doflamingo when he says the leaders of a world are its justice, it all seems to tie in with whatever our man DF wants to get out of his crazy mind.

Anyway, let me know what you think. This is more or less purely speculation so have your go at me

One thought on ““GODS NATURAL ENEMY” – A POSSIBLE TWIST by Shafted

  1. Yes, i agree of the word GOD is not referring to the real GOD but it refer to World Noble as you can see at manga Chapter 763 page 6, one of the noble saying this “To throw away your place as a GOD and become human!!”. So from here we can see that the word GOD is referring to World Noble.

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