In the OP-verse, one of the most famous and strongest fighting-styles is the (advanced) use of Katanas, with the best among them (currently Mihawk) being one of the strongest people, even repected by a Yonko

Zoro, who was trained at a dojo, lost his rival and friend due to an accident. Without any proper rival left, he was trained by Kuina’s father, the Sensei of that Dojo, Koshiro.

And I think that her father was a great swordsman, since he was also the one that taught him this ‘technique’


[In the Anime, the flashback was a lil bit extented, as we also saw Koshiro ‘trying’ to cut throught mere paper but failed]

Since he knew how to cut even steel, we can assume that he is capable of even doing that, too, and he just demonstrated Zoro the effect while ‘ignoring’ the breathe of paper; result: he “couldn’t” cut it, although it’s just mere paper.
…so it’s save to presume that he didn’t cut it on purpose, by ‘ignoring’ its breathe. Thus he probably is able to cut heavy objects too, as he knows how to deal with the breathe of all things

[but since he lives in the weakest of all the blues, the east blue, the probablity of possessing Haki are pretty low]

That’s why I think he actually might (have) be(en) a great swordsmen

And besides him, there is another possible great swordsman, the Samurai, Ryūma


And I guess he was not just ‘strong’ but one of the strongest swordsmen.
Some of you might be really surprised, as he was defeted by Zoro, pre-TS, while he had only 2 Katanas

But his strength was decreased to its minimum:
•He obviously was far past his prime, since he originally had black hair, not grey like his Zombie had, as we saw in ‘Monster’, the pre-version of OP
•His corpse was probably not fresh, as his skin turned darker and was probably even rotten. While the corpse of an old person disappears more and more, its muscles and bones (and ofc even more) will be damaged even more
But still, it’s been said that they’d have been equal in terms of physical strength

So in his prime, Ryūma probably had terrifying physical strength
•Furthermore, he had Brook’s shadow. Although Ryuma got new strength, it was not that much, as Brook was just bones aswell, and besides that he was weak, too
With a new shadow, the corpse gets new movements and techniques, but Brook’s is just bull shit:
-he’s not a samurai/swordsman – he’s a fencer
-he has no long-range attacks
=> thus Ryuma always used shitty fence attacks, instead of advanced samurai attacks
•But the most important point here is Haki: Brook is not able to control his (low) Haki. And since the Zombie only had Ryuma’s body -not mind/spirit- he probably has lost his Haki, that might have been terrifying aswell

Additionally in ‘Monsters’, Ryūma slayed a dragon like (Luffy and) Zoro did on Punk Hazard



The technique that Zoro used to defeat/kill the dragon was “Ittoryū Iai: Shi Shishi Sonson”, that is a stronger version of “Shishi Sonson” the technique that Zoro used to cut the steel-body of Mr.1
So it’s pretty save to assume that Ryūma was also able to hear the breathe of all things aswell, since it was an even stronger version of the steel-cutting attack. And since Zoro probably even used Haki (as it’s a post-TS attack ; advanced version of Shishi Sonson) , and thus Ryūma probably possessed Haki aswell

Since he was a famous samurai of Wanokuni (in the New World!!!) and wielded the national treasure of the samurai-island –a Meito (famous sword)– the Shūsui, it’s save to assume that he wasn’t an ordinary samurai like Kin’emon, but a strong fighter

So imo Ryūma once was one of the best swordsmen during his prime, so above/stronger than the current Zoro
He even might have been able to compete with Mihawk…just a crazy assumption xD

And Koshiro might have been maybe as strong as …pre-TS Zoro?…just maybe
But probably a bit weaker than Zoro

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed

4 thoughts on “GREAT SWORDSMAN? – UNNOTICED POTENTIAL by Killumiknight

  1. I think Koshiro somehow related to a member of Gorosei too, the bald old man with a sword.

    Kinda like father and son…

  2. You’re analyzing too much. How about getting a life, or have a nice sleep.

  3. people call “EAST-BLUE” as the weakest……but remember few most strongest people in one-piece are from “EAST-BLUE”. For example:

  4. I have a little theory of my own about Koshiro, that he was part of Roger’s crew and decided to retire and go back home after the crew disbanded. Roger was from the East Blue after all, so it’s not strange to think there would be old members of his crew that decided to go back home there. Also, by what we’d seem from him outside of flashbacks, he seems pretty cool with Zoro being a pirate and, even in flashbacks, he apparently helped the Revolutionaries giving them provisions and stuff after the fire on the Gray Terminal.

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