There has been a lot of speculating going around as to who could possibly be the Underground Broker “Jack”, and the theories range in variety, even some going as far as to claiming that it’s Luffy’s mother! I’ve been doing a little research lately, and have complied a little bit of information, which warranted me to make a thread as to who I believe the Underground Broker Jack is.

First lets take a look at Doflamingo’s alias in the Underground, Joker. Now there are many different variations on what “Joker” can mean, but since the reveal of the rest of his family in the Dressrosa arc, it is quite clear that the overall theme of this “Joker” is heavily based on playing cards. So that got me thinking, if we attribute the same concept of playing cards within the Yonkos we can assume Big Mom would be “The Queen” and “Kaido” would be the King. Why Kaido as the King over Shanks? Two reasons, one, Kaido’s Epitaph is “King of Beasts” and two, Shanks doesn’t really strike me as the type of person who would deal in that type of shady business.

Now obviously just because there is a Joker and a Jack, doesn’t necessarily mean there is going to be a King and a Queen, but for the sake of following suit with the playing cards, with the Yonko’s, I added it in there. So who could Jack be? Well honestly at first, it was a toss up for me between two people. One you should have already guessed by now, Blackbeard, and the other is actually Ben Beckham. Say whaaaat! Well actually Beckham got eliminated for the reasons I stated above about Shanks, but the reason he made the cut in the first place, is there was a real life pirate, who happened to be named Calico Jack, whose last name, loosely resembles Beckhams, and that mans name was John Rackham. So keeping up with the theme of cards, and a little known game named “Black Jack” I settled on Jack being Blackbeard! (Worry not people, it’s not the only thing that made me decide on Blackbeard.)

Now as we all know, that during the two year time skip, Blackbeard took over Whitebeards territory becoming a Yonko, split his crew into Divisions like the former Whitebeard pirates, and has been hunting down powerful devil fruit users in order to take their abilities. Hunting powerful Devil Fruit users is what I believe he was doing for his Division Commanders, but what about the lower ranked members? Isn’t there an easier way to acquire mass amounts of Devil Fruits? Of course, those would be the Artificial Devil fruits.

Now remember, the man who said they needed to inform Jack, did so after the defeat of Caesar Clown, to which the man stated “Jack is going to be pissed” So considering the fact that Caesar is the one who mass produces the Artificial Devil fruits, it’s safe to assume, that Jack was also one of the people buying them on the Underground market. Now who exactly was the man that made that comment? I’d like to turn your attention to the description of Alvalo Pizzaro

Now lets take a look at the silhouette that made the statement about Jack…

Although it’s just a silhouette, you can tell right off the bat, that two things resemble Pizzaro, the Fur Coat, and the Horns. So now I want to tell you why I believe Jesus Burgess is really on the Dressrosa, and what he is currently doing.

Seeing the new found revelation that Jack is Blackbeard (Not concrete I know, shut up) There is one thing that Dressrosa has that can no longer be produced since Caesar has been taken out of the equation, and that my friends, is Artificial Devil fruits. So here is what I believed happened. Blackbeard (Jack) sent Burgess to Dressrosa in order to find out what was going on with the DF and Caesar situation. While Burgess was there, Doflamingo struck a deal with him. He told him how he was putting the Mera Mera no Mi up for a prize in the tournament and that Luffy was going to be showing up. In order to make amends with Blackbeard he would give Burgess the Mera Mera no Mi, once the tournament was over, and Luffy was defeated. (Remember it was stated that they never planned on giving the Mera Mera no Mi out in the first place)

All of that changed though after Sabo ended up eating the Mera Mera no Mi. And that leads us to where Burgess is now. With the possible defeat of Doflamingo looming on the horizon, and the factory close to being destroyed, Burgess made other plans. He has been in the factory the entire time, cleaning out all the remaining SMILE’s in order to bring back to Blackbeard. After the factory is destroyed, and Doflamingo is destroyed, there will be no evidence that the SMILE’s ever even left the factory, meaning no potential war between Blackbeard (Jack) and Kaido. Blackbeard (Jack) gets his SMILE supply, and Doflamingo is left to contend with one other very pissed of Yonko!