Who will complete the Strawhat crew? These guys, in order:


Yes, Jinbe, Tashigi, A warrior from Elbaf and Smoker.

Now, now, I know most of you will be skeptic, since every One Piece fan got their own set of nakama wishlist and own set of theories, but please bear with me.

So far, Luffy got 8 crew members, we all know he said that he wanted “at least” or “about” 10 crew members before heading out to Grand Line when the series was released on 1997. But in the Arlong Arc, Luffy decided to enter the Grand Line after taking Nami back, he got just 4 people by that time and stating that “I can get more in the Grand Line!”, this was in 1999.

So somewhere along the way, Oda’s plan changed.
and by “at least” 10 nakamas, I think we can pretty much assume that 10 crew members (except Luffy) is just a benchmark, but it could be more.

The “at least” statement was reiterated at the One Piece Green: Secret Pieces:

and crewmembers MEANING, people who actually travels with them.

the current members were confirmed to be currently 9 (so Vivi, Carue, Going Merry or Thousand Sunny does NOT count)

8 thoughts on “THE STRAWHATS by beck26

  1. Jinbie and Boa Hancock, please Oda-sensei please make them the additional Straw Hats Pirates. ^_^

  2. As far as i know Oda himself said that he’s going to introduce some new characters that he wants in the strawhat crew. Of course there are many posibilty. Because Oda has told us that he only knows how he wants to end One Piece. Everything else is the story to get to that point. Because of that we can assume that anything is possible

  3. Jinbei ofcourse, he already got asked and agreed but still had to do something so we’ll see him joining later on in the series. Tbh i’ve got no idea who’ll join goes of how the manga is turning out right now. I remember Don Chinjao saying that he’ll give his fleet under the command of Luffy but i dont know if Luffy we’ll agree. So we’ll see later on if this will happen or not. We’ve got several characters at the moment that COULD join. Kinemon and Momonosuke though they’ve got some reasons NOT to join, its the same with Bartolomeo. But well yeah, we can gues as much we want. We can only wait and see how the story goes

  4. I’m sure about Jimbei too, becouse it was already decided at the and of Fishman Island Arc. But the other three is absolutely incorrect, here’s my reasoning:
    Tashigi and Smoker are the true rivals made for Luffy and Zoro by Oda so he won’t change their identity. Anyways, your teory about them has no reason.
    I’m pretty sure that the guy who will join them as the 10(11)th is Bartolomeo, and maybe he will even beg for it 😀
    Also, you had that idea about a “warrior from Elbaf” but on the Sunny there’s no place for any giants and the mini-mini fruit is already in usage as we know.
    My idea of a new crew member is a girl who’s as pinkminded as Sanji. The reason is in my words 🙂

  5. lets consider jinbei a strawhat already ok , because when luffy invited him to join strawhat crew he refused because theres important thing that he want to do first , but he told to luffy that he’s hoping that the doors of strawhat pirate is open for him to join when they meet again … and for me , i think the next strawhat member is going to be BELLAMY .. haha you huys never saw that coming right ? .. hehe ..

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