I know there has been quite a bit of discussion regarding this topic in another thread, so I decided to take some time, and see if I can’t help settle this debate. Now, in Alabasta, the first arc that takes place in the Grand Line, Zoro faces an enemy that he is unable to cut, because he is made of steel, and at this point. When Zoro is seemingly defeated by Mr. 1, as he is walking away, he looks back and sees Zoro standing there. He then senses the rhythm of all things. The pieces of the column fell all around, but he could sense where they wouldn’t fall. He can feel the trees, the Earth, and even his sword beneath the stone. He then uses his new sense to land a hit on, and defeat Mr. 1.
This seems amazingly familiar to a power we’ve come to know as the Color of Observation, which Zoro learns to utilize shortly before advancing to the New World. Once they do, and land on Punk Hazard (the first arc to take place in the New World), he once again finds himself facing an enemy he can’t cut. This time, it’s Monet. Although a good amount of the fight is between her and Tashigi, she isn’t strong enough to handle her on her own, and only lands the final blow of the fight because Monet’s target was Zoro. But right before this blow, we see him attack the logia user without using haki, but instead, using a normal attack to Intimidate her, and keeping her from retaining her wits.
Sound/ Look familiar?
One more argument is “If Zoro is able to use CoC, then Sanji will have to learn it! So it couldn’t happen.” Not how it works. Zoro is one of the Supernovas along with Luffy. Guess who isn’t? Sanji. Just because he’s the only other current REAL badass, doesn’t mean he’s going to match up to the captain or vice captain.

3 thoughts on “ZORO WILL LEARN TO CONTROL COC. by D3t4ch3d

  1. using a normal attack to Intimidate her? it’s not a normal attack. it’s conqueror’s haki, i think.

  2. Zoro did can control the haki well, as he leave a hairline scratch on Monet face before intimidate her. As for D statement, quite true also, tenryubitto just afraid of person with strong Will, just like how Robin love a strong will person.

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